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homeward bound

I got a call from husband last night. He is visiting his parents for the week. I opted to stay here with my parents because I wanted to spend time with them as well, since we have been out of country for the past year. And we will all die someday.

Husband decided that we should stay in the states for the fall semester. I am relieved to know the plan, but I cried after I told my parents. I am disappointed in some ways, because Laos feels the most like home right now. But I think I will be blessed in other ways, because now all of my relatives and friends can be around for the birth. Actually I'm not positive that is a blessing for ME, because I am not exactly a social butterfly. I was looking forward to being alone with Nick during the birth in Bangkok.

I don't really enjoy answering questions about my breasts and what size nursing accessories my breasts would like.

It will be good to watch everyone meet my son. As long as no one irritates me to death.

We will return to Asia some time around December 22nd. That is the last possible day before our open-ended plane ticket expires. I hope our housecat in Laos can forive us for the delay.


Tuesday, Aug. 10, 2004 at 8:22 AM

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