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Well, we found out "ITS A BOY!"

We arrived home on Wednesday morning and I decided I wanted to run errands all day so that I could stay awake until dark and get back on the right time zone. So my mom took me to the hospital where she used to work and her old co-workers gave me a free ultrasound. They even video taped it! We have watched it like 16 times. At the end, the baby started sucking his thumb! It is so amazing that we have the technology to see that.

It is fun being in America and being a novelty again. All of our old friends want to take us out to eat. We have been to about 8 restaurants in 6 days. Sadly, all of the restaurants seem to taste the same. I want Thai food. Tee-hee!


Tuesday, Jun. 29, 2004 at 8:32 AM

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