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my husband is popular

Whew. I had an exhausting weekend providing childcare for a conference. I had about14 children, ages 1-13. Of course my dear husband helped ALOT, and took the older kids swimming two days in a row. That left me alone with 2 toddlers, which was totally managable, but boring. I did get some good diaper changing experience, however.

Yesterday was Nick's birthday. He reached his 27th year, successfully. Apparently he is loved and admired by all, because we had visitors and phone calls all night. Then, today, his class gave him a surprise party. They came and got me out of the class I was teaching so that I could present the cake to him. I think that it was irresponsible, but somehow in Laos it is totally acceptable. His other class gave him a party on Monday but I wasn't involved. Last night we had a nice dinner out at an Itallian restaurant (in the expensive-for-Laos range of $6.00 per person). It was a birthday-anniversary combo. Tommorrow marks our 4th anniversary of marriage. Woohoo, going strong!


Wednesday, May. 26, 2004 at 1:53 PM

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