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crazy games

I went on a "Women's Retreat" this weekend. I was in charge of games.

We played a very funny and disturbing game that was quite funny. First we played a 'purse scavenger hunt', so all of the women were already in groups of 4 or 5. Then I told them to choose one member of their group who 1) wears lipstick and 2) likes art.

Then I told them that this person had 2 minutes to create a work of art using lipstick on their lips. There was a 10 second reapplication time after one minute. It was hilarious to see women smearing their faces around on a pieces of paper, just because someone said it was a game. I had a strange feeling of power. But I was a hit, and I was asked by some other women to come along on their company retreat in 2 weeks to offer my services. Woohoo, another free trip to Thailand!

I also ate at an AMAZING Itallian restaurant in Thailand, owned by a real Itallian. First he chastized me for being skinny, then brought out endless free bread and salad. I have to go there again one day before I die.

I think the baby is Italian, because that is all it ever wants to eat.

I'm finally starting to show a little bit.


Sunday, May. 09, 2004 at 5:42 PM

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