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cauliflower girl

My students were all depressed looking the other day and I was like "what's wrong"? They said "it's hot." Hello, you are Lao! It wasn't even that hot that day, I think the humidity got them. But I like humidity better. At least I can sweat my way to freedom.

Suddenly things seem to be moving very quickly here. Yesterday my landlady came over and said "Do you want another room in your house?" I was like "Sure" She was like 'Okay we are going to build one tommorrow." And they started today, just like that. THe hot season started about a week ago, and we don't have air con in our office at school. But today I went back to the office after my class and there were like 12 work men in their installing air con. They have been trying to get it for 5 years and it finally happened today out of the blue! Things are crazy!

I don't mind having cultural experiences, but I hate the boredom aspect that comes from being a cauliflower in a sea of potatoes, knowing only my cauliflower language and customs, and not understanding the potato language, jokes, and most of all not appreciating their potato cuisine.

I have developed an aversion to Lao food since I have been sick. I can only stand to eat noodles "FUH" with like zero seasoning. The greasy smell of stir fried things still upsets me.

Mmm now I am looking forward to some pad thai in Thailand. Maybe at the train station. Also I like sushi. I have also been craving a nice salad with oil and vinegar based dressings. I find myself fantasizing about ordering a pizza when i get home to America, and also going to the Olive Garden for some minestrone. Well, allow me to wipe away my drool and get off of this food tangent.


Friday, Mar. 19, 2004 at 5:43 PM

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