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race for my cure

I have been sick on and off for about a week. I also made a really wise (sarcasm!) decision to participate in a 5K on Saturday, after which I vomited profusely. I held back the urge while actually jogging, because there was an ambulance on patrol and I didn't want to be picked up, mistaken for heat stroke or something. So today I have been recovering in bed.

Normally I don't get sick after exercise, but I as I was already under the weather, it just added to the negative side of the health scale. However, I just couldn't pass up my first chance at a Lao 5K . It was very interesting. Some people stopped running after about 25 seconds, and alot of people cheated, cutting about 2K off of the course by just deciding to turn around at a certain point. Also, the race wasn't timed. They just handed the first three finishers a number "1", "2", or "3".

We are entering into the 'hot season', and although it has only been in effect for about 3 days, I already feel like I can't move faster than a sloth. We have also resorted to sleeping with both the air con AND a fan on. Are we Americans or what?

I belong to a gym here that is connected to a pre-school that does all of the classroom instruction in English. I know the owner reasonably well, and I took a job-hunting friend on a tour of the preschool on Friday. Everything was so precious! It made me want to do crafts like crazy! They made some cute peacocks by glueing different collored aquarium gravel to a pre-drawn peacock, and they also did something similar with crushed eggshells. And they had made another neat craft by dipping pieces of yarn in paint and dragging them accross a piece of paper. I might have to institute craft days in my college classes.


Sunday, Mar. 14, 2004 at 5:32 PM

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