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i love puppies

I'm kind of sad about my gold membership expiring, but I can't justify buying another one because I don't update very often, and then there is the fact that I live in a third world country. I have lately been on this kick to help the local economy by buying stuff, hiring people to do stuff for me, and also encouraging friends and family to visit. Laos doesn' t have any big industries, and 90% of the countries income comes from charitable donations from other countries. Japan is the biggest donor. I don't know who is second place, maybe Australia. The U.S.A. is like 8th in line.

I always reflect how Laos seems to be the Jewel of Southeast Asia, yet undiscovered by the world at large. The people are so friendly. And I think of this the most when I am enjoying the steam room and sauna with another friend at our newly opened health club. The steam has herbs and stuff in it, and while I quesiton the actual health value of frequent steaming, it does make me feel really relaxed, and also I think it is helping to moisturize my feet and hands, leaving them smooth and un-cracky.

How can I be living such a blessed life?

Today our landlady brought over her new puppy for us to play with. That was probably the highlight of my day, because it was such a random yet extremely sweet action. I feel like with have a friendship but without the benefit of spoken language.


Thursday, Feb. 19, 2004 at 1:46 PM

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