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the land of Smiles

Happy Year of the Monkey!

Woohoo! This ought to be a good one. I am a monkey, and I think monkeys are the coolest. What could be better?

I am back in Thailand again, but this time I am free to leave at will because I have my very own emergency passport, good for one year. I am back in the Land of Smiles (Thailand's special travel agency nickname. "Thailand: actually means "land of freedom") because I have to attend a week long conference for instruction on how to be a most excellent teacher. I told my students, and they were very excited about it, which made me feel kind of sad. I mean, am I really that bad of a teacher in the first place?

I am not excited about sitting through workshops about the magic of curriculum or how to teach grammar with gusto. I am trying to have a good attitude about it but I have memories of last year's conferece being very boring and tedious. Also, while I can read extremely long novels with ease, I do not have an attention span for things that do not intrest me. "Things that do not intrest me" include lectures about teaching, financial reports on the news, movies that only women like, such as Run Away Bride, the Country Music Channel, and most American sitcoms, to name a few.

But I do have a healthy attention span for other boring things, such as museums, instructions on how to make stuff, cooking, Tetris, and folding laundry. Because of this, I cannot pretend to be ADHD.


Monday, Jan. 26, 2004 at 9:57 AM

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