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getting testy

There is something about students in communist countries that makes them indifferent to what we would think of as 'cheating'. "Sharing answers" with your friend, or writing them on your desk, or hiding them on a piece of paper in your shirt pocket, or writing them on the wall, is not considered unethical. All of the things that are expulsion-worthy in the US and other developed nations is considered 'helping' here. Which is why, when giving mid-term exams, I have to lay down the law, Western style. And watch them like a hawk.

Actually, most of my students did very well, resisting temptation for fear of my red pen. I told them that if I or the other teacher I pulled into the class to help me keep watch even THOUGHT they were cheating, they would get the horrible RED X on their paper. Each RED X results in a loss of 5 points.

However, in one class, my largest and youngest class of 52 freshman-esque students bordered on obscene in terms of test-taking etiqite (did I spell that right? But I digress...). Even though there were five different forms of the test, which meant that only 20% of the students even had the same test, there was blatant talking, leering, looking, staring at papers. And most of the time they were copying the wrong thing anyway so they still did horribly. Haha! Vengance is mine, saith the teacher!

They also have these pittiful attempts at buying extra points. Questions like, "Can you help me?" and "Would you like some cookies?" and statements like "I wish you a happy life forever," have been thrown around this week.

Whoever said anything about a global village? I am miles away from home.


Sabaidi Pea Mie! (happy new year!)

Monday, Dec. 29, 2003 at 6:58 PM

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