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my exciting life

My life currently isn't as exciting as it was a few months ago. I am looking forward to being back in Asia in a few weeks. It is really nice seeing my friends and family, eating familiar foods, taking long showers (maybe even two in one day!), and seeing familiar places, but it seems like I need an 'adventure fix'.

Today we visited some friends who have a toddler and an infant. It wasn't extremely exciting, but I did get some good play time on a Fisher-Price type work bench. Me and the kid did some sawing and hammering with plastic tools. And I was also lucky enough to find a long-forgotten sippy cup with fermented orange juice inside.

The baby looked extremly happy to see me. It was all smiley and bouncy. But of course as soon as someone decided I should hold it, it decided to scream its head off.

Apparently, my friends are extremely fertile. Almost every person I know (who is married) is either pregnant or has had a baby in the last tweleve months. Southerners do it up right.

At my home church, one family has nine children, and one family has seven. Maybe it is their personal mission to drive up the average family size statistics in the U.S.

Hooray for babies.


Monday, Jul. 07, 2003 at 5:34 PM

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