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Since being released from an eight week quarantine two days ago, I have tried to have as many adventures as possible, to make up for lost time, I guess.

On Monday, I went with some friends to The Great Wall at Simatai, which is about two hours from my school. It is a less-touristy section of The Great Wall, because not all of it is restored, and the climbing is a little more physically demanding than, say, Badaling. See also: not suitable for children or the elderly.

The day started out rainy and cold, but once we got to the Wall it was a beautiful day. We were really the only people there. They actually had to open the park just for us, and when we started to walk up the road to get to the Wall, a Chinese guy jogged past us in order to attempt to sell us some postcards once we got there.

It was probably the happiest I had been in a long time. I was doing something new and exciting, and best of all, no lesson plans or grades were hanging over my head.

We spent several hours walking around. We even packed a lunch to eat on the Wall, which was a good thing, because there wasnít any alternative food source.

Good peoples. Good times. I was a little disappointed that no one told me to wear a grey t-shirt, too. We could have been like, a gang of some sort.

On Tuesday I went shopping in Beijing. I love shopping in Beijing. I didnít go overboard, though, because I canít escape the reality that I am leaving tomorrow at 5 p.m., and I have to lug everything I own with me. We did get a good supply of DVDs, including this really cool Polish or Russian claymation series, which we were extremely disappointed to find had no English subtitles. I want to try to find it in the real world, even though it might mean paying a Real World price. Yipes.

For dinner we dined at a really awe-inspiring vegetarian restaurant. It was the type of place that makes everything to give the impression of being like meat. They had pictures of famous vegetarians hanging on the walls. I never heard about Shakespeare or Socrates or Plato being vegetarians, so I donít know if they had their facts straight or not. But I can agree that Ghandi Ji and Paul Newman were/are vegetarians.

Now it is time to say goodbye to all of my American and Chinese friends in Beijing. *sigh*

It will be over soon.


Wednesday, Jun. 11, 2003 at 10:41 AM

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