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free at last, free at last!

Today was the big send off for the students. It was probably the last time I will ever see most of them. I was amused that they were all wearing their anti-SARS masks. I thought that “we won the SARS” already?

This little girl is so cute. I thought it was funny that her stuffed animal was about the same size as she was.

Seeing them leave wasn’t traumatic at all, thankfully. They were all very excited, so I was happy for them. Not to mention I feel the load of teaching responsibilities has been lifted off my shoulders.

Today was also special for another reason. Do you know why?


Yes, it is true! After 8 grueling weeks of quarantine, I GOT TO LEAVE THE SCHOOL CAMPUS!

I went out twice in one day. I am reeling from the visual stimuli. The pioneering excursion was when I trekked to the post office and the grocery store (WOW!) and then I went out to a Hot Pot restaurant for dinner with three of my American friends and a Chinese friend.

I love fiery food. The hotter the better. I like lip-chapping, nose-running, heaven-help-you-‘cause-water-won’t spicy food. My guts are burning as I type this, because they are trying to digest all of the pepper. I did something really awesome. I got Szechuan pepper in my nose, somehow, which burned like crazy, and I was also coordinated enough to splash some into my eye.

*attention everyone: I am still awesome. Seriously* Yeah, I am definitely a winner. You can’t take me anywhere.

I actually did experience some angst while in town for the first time in two months. Now I can empathize with those prisoners who don’t want to be released because they can’t handle life ‘on the outside’ anymore. I got all nervous when I was trying to cross the street, and I was totally gawking at everyone I saw, since I have been used to seeing the same familiar faces over and over again for two months. But they were staring at me too, reason being that I am white, so we are even.

Is anyone else in Diaryland in or beyond their 20’s? I have been getting frequent (and annoying) comments about how my being 23 is “so weird”. On the contrary, I find it strange that 13 year olds keep internet diaries. I really don’t want to know about your premature sexual exxxploits. They are not at all intriguing. I don't leave notes that say like "Oh you are only _____ years old! That is so freakish! Can't you be like more old or less old or something? Whoaaa!" Give me a break, I’m not even old! Stop that nonsense! And you can be mature at any age! Just try it!
-- Thanks, management


Sunday, Jun. 08, 2003 at 10:36 PM

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