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my beautiful leg

Last evening I played badminton again (not to be confused with goodminton). I would like to reinact an actual conversation that took place.

Chinese teacher: “Your leg is very beautiful.”

Me: “Oh! Thank you!”

American teacher: “Did she just say that your leg is beautiful?”

Me: “Yes.”

American teacher: “Well I think BOTH of your legs are beautiful.”

Me: “Yes, but only one is REAL. Can you guess which?”

I am accustomed to receiving such compliments now. It is not weird or gross anymore, they say stuff like that all of the time. They really mean it too! Not in a weird way. Earlier in the year my husband went swimming and was told by another male teacher that he has “a very charming body.” Haha. Ha.

I find it very humor. *note, last sentence contained intentional Chinglish*

There is a campaign to fix all of the public signs that contain Chinglish in Beijing. They have to boost their image. It just doesn’t do to have a “Pubic Library”, or to see a sign reminding you to “Please bang in the door.”

My real fear is that after I leave this place, I will find that my English skills have deteriorated a great deal, and what sounds right to me will actually be none other than Chinglish. I read back a few entries ago when I said that I was “having trouble finding sleep.” Finding sleep? That isn’t correct English! Or is it? I just don’t know anymore!


Tuesday, Jun. 03, 2003 at 12:17 PM

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