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happy birthday Ni Ni!

Today is Nickís 26th birthday! Happy Birthday Ni Ni! I tried to make it special for him even though we are in quarantine (week 7, might I add). I made the special family recipe red beans and rice for dinner.

Actually, the rice came free from the cafeteria. I invited over the other two male American teachers to celebrate with us.

I donít know why Andrew brought a cucumber; furthermore, I donít know why he had to hold it in that manner while we were taking a photo. Anyway, we just stuck the candle in a bowl of rice so that he would have something to make him feel birthday-ish.

But I really did make a real cake too, and later we had a party with all of the American teachers and had cake and snacks and played games. I have to give special thanks to Betty (Crocker) and Duncan (Hinds) and also to Aunt Dianne for mailing the cake mix, icing and candles about a month ago. I hid it under the spare bed until about 2 days ago. Not that my Aunt Dianne reads this, but the cake might not have happened without her thoughtfulness.

Also, special thanks to Andrew for cutting my head out of the cake picture. You goober!


Sunday, May. 25, 2003 at 9:43 PM

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