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team photo

Look at this weird picture of all of us American teachers.

It looks like we are in some fun an exciting place, like an amusement park or something in front of one of those blue screens where you get your photo taken and then the computer makes it look like you are on the moon or hanging out with a movie star or something. You know, like that?

Really we are just in front of a blue wall at the school bowling alley where we were throwing a surprise party for the girl right behind my head to the left. I am the one smack in the middle, front row! We took the picture because those groucho marx glasses in the back there were SO photo-worthy. *rolling eyes* It was one of those things where one person took a photo and then 12 more people pulled out their cameras and wanted the exact same moment captured. It was really lame. This particular one was about the 8th. Uh, it wasn't my camera. It was Andrew, the boy to the right of Groucho. I guess I could tell you everyone's names...

Back row (l to r) Dave, Nick (my husband!), John Mark (in novelty glasses), Andrew.

Next row: Nikki, Tara, Sue, Leah

Front row: May May, Me, Sharone

Alot of the students get May May and me confused. You know, all white people look alike. Look at us, we look nothing alike! I am like 6 inches taller than she is and I probably weigh like 30 lbs more. Look at the sheer volume of arm that I have compared to hers! Plus, we are just different! (duh)

This picture illustrates the extent of my English speaking friends here in China, save a few Aussie girls, but I can't honestly say that I always understand their language, either.

Who knew that I could ramble on so long about a silly photograph?


Thursday, May. 22, 2003 at 10:21 PM

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