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I have a story, I guess. I had a student pee in her chair, but she was so nonchalant about it I couldn't be sure in my mind that it was actually urine she was sitting in, so I had a mental struggle with myself for about 10 minutes before I finally decided that yes, it was urine, and yes, I should tell the homeroom teacher so that the girl can get clean clothes and the floor should be cleaned before some other kid walks through it. Plus there were fifteen or twenty flies hanging out beside the puddle, which was gross. I communicated the problem to the teacher with the help of charades and my roll book.

The boy behind the pee-girl was crying. I don't know if the two events were related. I thought that we were out of this "wet-your-pants" stage. I always always let them go to the bathroom when they ask me, unless it is an obvious case of "I want to go because you just let that other girl go so I want to have freedom too". Ya gotta have limits.

Also today I was giving out some pretty large, round stickers to students who were doing their work quietly. I was left with one pink sticker, but I had a boy who deserved a reward and didn't want to insult him by giving him a pink sticker (heaven forbid, they hate that). So I peeled off the stuff that was around the stickers, you know, the backgroud? It is still sticky, and therefore is technically in the "sticker" family, but it is usually thrown away. I cut it up with scissors so that they were in sets of 2, 3, or 4 holes (OOO) and gave them as rewards. The kids thought that it was so awesome, the room was completely silent. I gave them to alot of kids just to see what they would do, because they were sticking them on their foreheads and noses and pretending to be robots or something. It was really funny, it took great discipline on my part not to laugh at them. It was just cute to see their awe over something that is normally tossed in the trash. They also get excited over the waxy paper that the stickers come on. Woo!


Wednesday, May. 21, 2003 at 4:35 PM

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