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I almost hate to update because yesterday's photos were so golden. You just can't beat a guy with a sack on his head. Well, in reality it would actually be very easy to 'beat' a guy with a sack on his head, because he wouldn't be able to fight back, but, I digress.

Last night we had a 'faculty meeting' that was actually a 'surprize party.' It wasn't a true surprize because almost all of our colleagues AND students told us about it. They were very excited and couldn't help themselves. It was a combination May birthday celebration and going away party, because after June we won't be teaching here anymore. Nick and I are going to Laos to teach University next year. That will be a change.

Anyway, at the party last night, there were one or two students representing each grade, and they gave us cards and gifts that the other students had made. It was really sweet. I am not ready for all of these goodbyes, though. I don't want to cry. I already had a student tell me that she was going to cry when I leave. I can't take kids crying over me! So sad! But, luckily, last night's party was light hearted.

Angela really enjoyed the cake.

She was making a mess of herself on purpose. After I showed her this picture on the digital camera she was embarassed and went and washed her face.

This is a picture of all of the English teachers in the primary school, both foreign and Chinese. I don't know why it is so blurry. Actually, I do. A student took it for us.

And this is a picture with our boss, Madame Shu. I don't know why she gets to be called "Madame", but she does. I think I look like a man in my orange plaid shirt. But I have to dress modestly because if the kids see any skin, their impulse is to touch it. So I have to make sure my shirts are nice and long or they will reach their curious hands towards the north.

I received many many cards, some beef jerky (yeah, I know, I AM a vegetarian), a Moshimorro stuffed animal (Japanese cartoon character), a pad of paper with yet another cartoon character on it (Pig Bbong?), and a big glamour shot picture of one of my students. All of the cards from one class said "I'm sorry," because they had been bad that day. My favorite card was a drawing of me and a student named Lily. We were having a conversation. She was saying "You are a very good teacher." To which I replied (in the drawing), "You are a very good Lily!"

Kids are so creative. Sometimes.


Friday, May. 16, 2003 at 4:08 PM

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