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I want a cup cake, Please

Today was the day of the Class 1 birthday party!They were so excited when they realized what was happening.

We started the class learning a short 'birthday dialog' in English.

I had to make it at least mildly educational.

Then, the homeroom teacher put a candle in EVERY cupcake.

The children had to perform the dialog with me in order to receive their cupcakes. All of them sat patiently until everybody had a one and all of the candles were lit.

Then after the cupcakes were consumed, the kids sang songs and did little dances. The Chinese LOVE to perform; it really makes a party for them.

Obligatory group picture. The lady who is not looking at the camera is a dorm mother.

They are so sweet. ckb

Monday, May. 12, 2003 at 4:31 PM

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