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14 reasons I love my life

Things I like about my life, right now, today.

1) I have finished college.

2) I am not stagnating in my hometown of Birmingham, Alabama.

3) I have a really really great husband. I hope I die before he does because I will have great difficulty trying to replace him.

4) I am satisfied with my current weight. Somehow I eat chocolate candy almost every day and I weigh less than I did before I started this habit.

5) I have accomplished a few of my goals I had in mind for my life. I think I wrote alot of them down in highschool with my friend Virginia.

6) I derive a certain amount of satisfaction knowing that I have been places and seen things that 98% of Alabamians have not.

7) In my current job, I have very few worries. My housing is provided for free, and I have alot of creative freedom concerning what to teach and how.

8) I have been reading alot, which makes me happy that I am not letting my brain cells go to waste.

9) The weather is nice outside.

10) I made perogies last night, inventing the recipe in my head. They were dee-lish. I feel happy when I cook good food.

11) I have been getting plenty of sleep. Maybe too much.

12) Every day, we get a long break to eat lunch. It lasts from 11:30 until 2:30. This country rules.

13) I really do like the Chinese people. One thing that I appreciate about them is that they are selective, logical, and appropriate when it comes to romantic relationships. They actually have standards. I think Americans should take note.

14) A few of my 'estranged' friends have decided to establish contact again. It is a good feeling.

That's plenty.


Friday, May. 02, 2003 at 2:59 PM

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