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Party like it's 2002

2003 will be the year of the sheep. Are you ready?

Ah, the great Christmas program is finally over, now I can rest in peace and not attend rehersals everyday, trying to pry stage-frighted shepherds off of my legs. I've been forced to become very maternal, I tell you. Teaching first grade is full of surprises. I have all kinds of adventures from kids peeing their pants in class to students actually brawling over a blue eraser. And there is also the apparent lack of 'no touching zone' knowledge that my 2nd grade teacher collegue and I suffer under. My classes sang Away in a Manger for the whole school and they were the sweetest things you ever did see.

We have been getting a lot of snow here, it is quite nice. I enjoy it very much ...I had my first white Christmas. I tried to make a snowman but it didn't work because the snow was too dry. I settled for a snowball fight.

Christmas Eve was exciting, I kept the Kilpatrick tradition of opening all of the gifts on Christmas eve because we just can't contain ourselves any longer. We actually got a good number of presents sent to us by caring relatives, so it isn't depressing at all. My mom sent us A Christmas Story on DVD. I have already watched it twice, not including extraneous viewing of selected scenes. (I received it 9 days ago).

Christmas Day wasn't at all depressing; I thought it might be, being away from everyone I know and all that...but we kept ourselves quite busy with a communal breakfast and lunch and a gift swap. I received a block of cheese and some spagetti noodles, and I couldn't be happier. I gave my 'secret pal' a lovely polo shirt that cost me only $4.00 U.S.

We only got Christmas day off from teaching, but then we will get Jan 1-5th off for new year (during which I will go to Shanghi), and THEN we get January 15th - February 15th off for Chinese New Year (aka Spring Festival), during which we will go to Thailand and have fun in the sun as well as fun in the market...YAY. This is my year to get a sarong. Which is in no way related to a thong, though it does rhyme. I am excited about all of the exotic and unique items to be purchased, as well as the prospect of riding on an Elephant. There is also a coconut farm that I hope to visit where all of the work is done by trained monkeys. Yes, I am so serious. Woo-hoo!


Sunday, Dec. 29, 2002 at 5:03 PM

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