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My life really is a little more exciting than my journal would probably lead you to believe. Fun stuff happens but by the time I remember to write about it, it is old news.

Remember last entry, I said I was going to deep fry some eggplant? That ended in a grease fire. Luckily I knew not to throw water on it. I used half a box of baking soda instead. Embarassing.

I like teaching first grade. No, really. The kids who idolize me really make up for the bad kids. They give me gifts of stickers and origami.

It is unusual to not be ‘home’ for the holidays. We are getting together with the other American teachers on Thursday, no one is sure about the meat, but I am making glazed carrots, cherry cheesecake, and kool-aid. Yay. Then on Saturday we have a big shindig across town with other people in our organization, maybe about 60 people will be there. It should be fun. Some how our team is in charge of decorations. We are making all of our classes color turkey feathers, which we will then tape all over the walls in an attempt to decorate. It should look crappy, but hey, we can’t all be Martha Stewart. My kids colored theirs today. They were supposed to copy my examples on the board and write "I am thankful for" and then choose between "English" "my family" and "friends". But one of my students who knows a little more English wrote "I am thankful for Mrs. Broom." Awwwwwwwww!


Tuesday, Nov. 26, 2002 at 1:30 PM

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