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ohhh yeahhhh! (Kool-Aid Man)

Yesterday I gave an English lesson to my 4 Chinese homeroom teachers. We read a paragraph about a man who went to a 'theatre' and the people were talking behind him and he 'couldn't bear it.' I was trying to explain what 'bear' meant in this case and this one lady who knows zero English was like "I cannot bear my class."

We all laughed hysterically. I was like "yes, just like that."

Today I washed the sheets. Tonight I will fry an eggplant. This is my first Saturday with nothing to do that I have had in a long time.

I'm saving Kool-aid points again. I did it in like 1996 and got a 'wacky wall clock' two 'rad pads' and one of those pitcher and mug sets that are all replicas of Kool-Aid man's head. This time I think I will go for the Kool-Aid man ice cube tray, the kite, the plush kool-aid man, and whatever else I can get with the leftover points accummulated.

Back in the day I also saved those 'pepsi points', even though I didn't drink soft drinks back then on account of my devotion to futbol. Even so, through begging friends and strangers, I got enough pepsi points to get the Mountain Dew backpack. Woo-hoo!


Saturday, Nov. 09, 2002 at 1:29 PM

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