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the spirit is grieved

I have news of a friend who has made some unholy choices recently. I worried about it all day and then tonight I have an email from her, the first since I have been away. I have been fretting over her state for some time, but I have realized today that if she is truly what you and I are, nothing she can do can change that. Justification is a done deal. You can't add to it through good deeds, and you can't subtract from it by being crazy. Of course I am grieved, but not as much as the Spirit is grieved. But the fact remains that none of us are perfect and even failing to obey one small part of the Law condems us as if we had broken every bit of the Law.

Still, it is sad to see the downward spiral of all of my friends. I worry about my brother, you know. He is in that seemingly critical period in life right now. It was about our freshman year when people started making choices that put them where they are now. I know you hear me. *sigh*


Candie Pie

Why you doin' wrong? You know what you are supposed to be doing.

Wednesday, Sept. 25, 2002 at 6:58 PM

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