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never can say goodbye...

I'm getting ready to say goodbye to my students. Who knew it would be so hard. On Friday we had a lesson about 'Saying Goodbye" in English. What horrible timing! I started to cry! What is wrong with me? One of my students raised her hand..."Yes, Katy?"

"Yesterday, when you were singing us that song, I started to cry. Because I think that our time is short."

*lump in my throat* "Yeah, it is hard to teach this lesson about saying goodbye.*sniffle sniffle* Now dothepracticeonpage207!" *awkward silence as I try to hide my emotion*

Phew. The final exam is on Tuesday. Then Wednesday night we go back to Beijing.

But this afternoon, the school is taking us to a Hot Spring. As in, public bathing. Yipes.

The song I sang my class was the blues favorite "Who's loving you?"


Sunday, Aug. 11, 2002 at 10:19 AM

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