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mid-term: givin', not takin'

We just finished giving mid term tests today so our summer program is almost over. Soon we will switch from teaching adults to teaching young children. Quite a change.

So, the other night we had our "typical North American Wedding,"a culture night where we showed the Chinese Trainees what a "typical north american wedding" was like. I was the bride and nick was the groom. It was pretty cool, I almost cried, just like in our first wedding! Hee hee! I wore the Saree because of course I didn't bring my real wedding dress to China, since it is heirloom stored and all. :o)

I got an email today from every member of my family. It made me miss them alot. Nick's Dad is finished with Chemotherapy. He is still radiation.

"And the tears we cried for the times we died."


Tuesday, Aug. 04, 2015 at 2:08 PM

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