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the land where I am beautiful

It is really cool living in China. One of my favorite things is the plethora of stuff you can buy for just a few dollars. I have already bought 2 really cool dresses and some bootleg Hello Kitty stationary and a DVD that was 1.50. Woo woo!

We are having fun but we are soooo busy teaching a teacher-training class this summer. I am in a city called Tianshui. It means "heavenly water", or rain as we like to call it in the west. Teaching is pretty fun some times. I have 12 students in my class, age 20 to 42. This one student of mine is 40 and has a phat crush on me. He doesn't really try to hide it. He told me all about an explicit dream he had about us. Um. Yay? Luckily none of the other students could understand him.They can't understand each others "chinglish" as they like to call it. So i just said, "oh, you have a dream that can never come true. Thanks for sharing." Haha. I love slamming people. But he still writes suggestive journal entries.

All of my female students tell me I am so beautiful. That is not something I hear alot in the U.S. Maybe I will live here forever, in the land where I am beautiful. I think they probably just think its cool that my hair is some other color besides black. I have another teacher friend who is Indian, and all of the Chinese people think she is from Africa. Whats up with that? We laugh about it all the time.

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Saturday, Jul. 20, 2002 at 7:01 PM

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