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It might be a long time before I write in here again. I really want to focus on my work and on my relationship with God for a while. The computer/internet/technology is such a distraction. When I think of all of the times in my life when I was really growing, it was times when I was far away from all of the distractions of the modern world.

I called my brother to say goodbye and he told me a funny story. He is touring with Narcisus right now as a roadie. (part of his plan to fulfill his dream of becomming a rock star). Recently, one of their dates got canceled because of rain, so they were all walking around, looking for something to do. Chip is a drummer, and he accidentally walked up to some speed drumming competition. He said some guy handed him some sticks and was like "Here Dude, try it!" He ended up comming in second to the drummer for Good Charlotte. It was just funny because my brother is not in a famous band and everyone was like "Who is he?" Haha. Ha.

I have a long long long plane flight tommorrow. Possibly followed by a 20 hour train ride. But time will tell. Maybe you should take a break from using the computer, too. Then you could get close to God the same time as me. Just a suggestion. Whoever you are, reading this right now.


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Sunday, Jun. 30, 2002 at 8:43 PM

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