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Mongolian BBQ

I have discovered the most delicious food known to man. I had Shabu Shabu. It was okay. It was more entertaining than it was tasty.

The food I will stand beside for life is none other than: MONGOLIAN BBQ!

Holy Moley. I can't imagine anything more perfect for a vegetarian to indulge in. You have your pick of all of the fresh vegetables and noodles that your little heart can desire. Then you watch as a mongolian man heats it up on a huge sheet of iron on top of an iron caldron. All of this fine eatin', and at fast food prices, to boot! Oh man. Why did it take 22 years of living for me to discover this? Why am I about to move to China and not Mongolia? WHY?


Sunday, Jun. 23, 2002 at 10:46 AM

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