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I'm Going To Get You, Sucker.

Yay! Yesterday I had an extremely mild and subdued fiesta with two of my long-time girl pals. Sometimes its sad because I just sit there and get all reflective and start to get sad about how we aren't the same as we used to be. *sigh*. But then I just put on my big, plastic smile and pull out a plate of brownies and I forget about it. We had fun. I'm going to China for one year, another of us is headed to Italy (IT-LEE) for the summer. And she wants to join the Peace Corps. That sounds cool in theory but all of those government institutions always stick it to you somewhere. I had a couple friends who were screwed by Uncle Sam after joining various armed forces. Sounds very traumatic, doesn't it?

Also yesterday I went to Sam's Club (yay) again and picked up GOCO pictues. They are nice, I got some good ones of the aggressive squirrels and ducks. Then I went to the craft store. I am turning into such a HUGE dork. The more I age, the worse it gets. I cry in like, every movie now. Last night we rented I'm Gonna Get You, Sucka! and I almost started crying when that guy is dressed as a pimp and everyone was laughing at him. And then his platform shoe with the goldfish swimming in the bottom broke and I had to compose myself. Poor fish! Poor, misunderstood pimp! No one can cry in a movie like that! That is like crying during a Naked Gun movie! You just don't do it!

Anyway, I made some concrete stepping stones last night with some crazy mosaic action. (DORK!)

There is no hope for me.


Tuesday, Jun. 04, 2002 at 8:26 AM

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