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the survey says::::

Hey ladies. AND laddies...what if you went to an Irish restaurant and the bathrooms were marked "LADDIES" and "LASSIES" and you just glanced and thought that LADDIES acutally said LADIES? I bet that would happen to me. If you plan on opening an Irish restaurant don't do that.

So I got my chest x-ray and ECG tests done today for my physical check-list. I got them done for free through this special poor kid program, so they didn't really sit down with my afterwards and explain the results. They didn't treat me like a 'real patient'. So my ECG printout says that I am "atypical" (i always knew I was special!) and I have this thing called "Sinus Bradycardia with occasional Supraventricular premature complexes". Of course no doctor explained what this meant, so I looked it up online and as far as I can tell it just means that I have a really low heart rate (56bpm instead of standard 60bpm), which might be due to my athletic tendancies, and which also might explain why I get lightheaded really easily. As in, pretty much whenever I stand up the room goes black for a few blind seconds. I always thought it was because I was tall.


"Doctor Doctor, give me the news: i've got a bad case of lovin' you!"


p.s. I haven't got the chest x-ray results as of yet... What's next? Tuburculosis? Pneumonia?

P.P.S: Does anyone read this diary anymore besides Jen Jen and Bella? Just curious if you gave up on me while I was out of the country...

Friday, May. 17, 2002 at 9:22 PM

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