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Jen Jen I'm sorry I didn't call you yesterday but I have an excuse.

Yesterday I had to go and get a Typhoid shot and then I had to get an AIDS test and a Syphillis test. I don't THINK I would have these diseases or anything but its just something I had to get for my upcomming work. I have to jump through all of these medical hoops.

I did go to Mo-town yesterday and visit a critique of my photography friends, but then I wanted to bust it home because my brother had me speak to F.C.A. (Christian club) this morning at 7am so I wanted some rest. But that (the rest) didn't exactly happen because as I was leaving montevallo I saw a friend-o-mine so I had to stop the car and talk to her and yeah we ended up at the Mexican restaurant. Oh well it was fun. I think I talked to much.

This morning I did the highschool Christian club thing. My brother said it was good but I am feeling like maybe the message was lost because all the kids were just staring at me all sleepy-eyed. That's highschool I guess. My mom came to hear me as well, on her way to work.

Then, I came home to an empty house and found this book...

My mom had bought me this book for my 14th birthday. It is one of those 'tug-on-the-heartstrings' books for moms to buy and it has stuff you fill out like "my favorite memory of you as a baby" and like "my mother used to always..." She never filled it out, but I guess she got to work when I was in Belize. I read it. Then I cried. Moms can do that to you.

I missed my mom alot when I was in Belize. It was hard because the villiages are really family oriented, all of the extended family lives in one small area. I would watch the moms and grandmoms and kids interact and just miss my mom like crazy, wishing I was making tortillas with her, too! Its weird, I was never like that before. Maybe it is age creepin' in on me.

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Thursday, May. 09, 2002 at 8:46 AM

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