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Belize memories, installment one

There is alot of crazy shehanigans that occurred while I was in Belize. It will be hard to remember them all to enlighten you guys....but i will do my best.

Some of you already know the one about when I was chillin' in my hut and I heard the grandma on the mountain screaming "Candae! Candae! (me)" I went out side and I was like, "Yes?" and she was pointing franticly at a white donkey that was running around loose. I was confused because i knew that it wasn't MY donkey. So I thought maybe because I am a Gringo I have a special affinity for all things white, and therefore could possibly tame the wild white beast. But me, I don't enjoy large farm animals, so I called for one of the boys to go get it. It kind of became a running gag, when the boys would scream "Candae! Candae!!!"

"School first. Babies later. Children, listen to your mommies! School first, babies later. Children, listen to your daddies! Your grandmama's, grand papa's!"---hit song in Belize


Friday, May. 03, 2002 at 8:51 AM

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