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home again, home again, jigity jig

What is this? I am typing on a computer and not being charged internet access by the hour? I'm not in an expatriated American's basement? I must be in the U.S. again!!! Wooohoo, Potato Chips and plumbing!!!!

I'm nearly home. Our journey home started with a 2.5 hour, 30 mile bus ride out from our villiage, then a 2 hour ride on a small small plane that millionaires fly for fun in their backyards, then a 2.5 hour plane ride in a REAL commercial plane to Miami. In Miami we had to go through all kinds of customs because we had been on a FARM while away, and they had to put our luggage through heat-seaking devices to make sure we weren't bringing in cattle dissease or something. Not that we ever saw any cows. Like, ever. Due to all of the shehanigans in customs, we missed our connecting flight to ATL. Since this was the fault of the airline, we got put up for free in a nice hotel, and they gave us free dinner and breakfast. It was a nice change from our previous hotel in Belize. We had lice and bedbugs in the mattress, it was quite itchy. But we only stayed there for 2 nights so it wasn't so bad. Because we had running water. It made up for the bedbugs.

Now I am visiting Nick's parents, and we will drive home sweet home later today. My first meal in the US was the buffett at the hotel, after which i promptly got the runs. But man, that pie was good. Key Lime. mmmmm....tastes like Miami.....

I was without television for the whole of my trip, and I didn't miss it. I figured when I got home I wouldn't watch it either. But then. On Monday night, in my sleepless stupor, I found that Frontier show on PBS. No matter that I had gotten up at 3am two nights in a row, in order to catch various transportation. I was glued to that screen, baby! That show is the bomb, why is it only lasting for four nights? What a gyp.

more later


Wednesday, May. 01, 2002 at 8:50 AM

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