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can can wants to bite the dust

Boy, do I ever feel crappy. I guess hepatitis A and rabiees vaccines coupled with typhoid and malaria pills don't do a body good. My arms are sore from the shots and my throat hurts and my ears sound like they are underwater. I have snot and I almost puked this morning.

I felt alot better after a long shower with lots of nose blowing. MMM would be proud (she thinks it is totally disgusting to blow your nose in the shower...whatever!).

Yesterday afternoon I had a fru fru lunch with Jen Jen and Lou Lou at a bistro in the richy part of town called Chez Lu Lu. Its not a place to go if you are starving to death because they aren't going to give you much food, but its a nice ambiance. Ecclectic even.

Today we have to finish packing, and I keep on thinking of things we need to go buy. We have time. Don't we?

I think the most stressful part for me in entering Belize is going to be going through customs. I have never entered another country looking so suspicious. I have always just had like 2 bags. This time we are going to be totin' 7 or 8 rubbermaid® trunks as well as our back packs and I think a guitar. Its not quite like the U.S. so if we get some kind of twisted official he could force us to give him some of our crap like a bribe or something. Pray that we get through without a hitch. I know that some of you pray. Don't deny it!

My dad is on a new radio show now. They have some creative jingles. Here is my favorite:

"Burt and Kurt (my dad) are on the air! You can't get away, they're everywhere! Raise your arm! And pump your fist! Its a radio revolution!!!"

Haha! What the crap? What does that even mean? How does it apply to the target audience of middle aged adults? Oh well, I guess that is why I don't work in marketing.

Sit on the roof tops and wait for the bombs to fall...are you angry? Are you angry? Be Still!


Saturday, Jan. 12, 2002 at 11:33 AM

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