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i'm not worthy

Today I went to the dentist. They used grape 'toothpaste'. I wouldn't go so far to classify it as toothpast. Its like tooth-grit. Anyway I am cavity free as always and they complimented me on my beautiful teeth. *big toothy smile*. Nick had to get a filling and he got busted for biting his fingernails because it was wearing down a spot on his tooth! Haha! I told you! I told you to stop biting them!!!!

I spent the greater part of the day vaccuum-sealing food with one of those food savers. Its pretty cool, only I was sealing like 3 months worth of food to take to Belize with us. The lady whose machine it was was extremely generous. She kept throwing in more stuff from her own pantry, like candy and lentils and dried fruit. The woman gave me 18 rolls of film to take with me! She gave me twenty dollars! It was so humbling, I almost cried. She has nine children. She could have done any number of things with all of that stuff she gave us. Its overwhelming the generosity I have experienced in preparation for this trip.

These last few days I am saturating myself with American culture. I am about to go watch that documentary about midgets on MTV. Only in America.I have been drinking alot of milk too. I am abstaining from milk in belize. I dont want anything fresh from a goat. Reconstituted milk powder is the pits. *gag* I hear a rumour that there is a soy milk factory in the nearest big city. (Punta Gorda). Time will tell.

Time is winding down.


Thursday, Jan. 10, 2002 at 9:40 PM

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