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Lazy Eye

Hey sports fans. The last comple of days i have bought stuff. New undergarments and new shoes. Yay!

I have another story from the Chattanooga adventure: I had the misfortune of being introduced to this really annoying and opinionated guy who loved to hear himself talk. He also tried to get arguments started about stupid things like how smart Brittney Spears is. Like we cared. Anyway, he started talking to me and I couldn't hear him due to loud music and milling people, so i did the 'smile and nod' thing. All of a sudden his face fell and he said "What?!". I had to confess, "I can't hear you." Well. He had been telling me about his life long battle with Lazy Eye and how he had recently had surgery for it. Aye Carrumba! I felt disturbed, horrified, and mildly guilty. My friend Jabber Jaws works at a coffee shop, and he said that he has been noticing and exponential increase in customers who have lazy eye. Wierd.

I took a bath tonite. With candles. Like in the movies.

I saw A Beautiful Mind today. It was confusing because i didn't know the premise (about how he went crazy). It was a really beautiful picture of marriage though.

My baby just a-wrote me a letter.


Saturday, Jan. 05, 2002 at 11:09 PM

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