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adventures in my own greed

What Kind Of Pokemon Are You?

I bet you didn't know which Pokemon I was most like. Neither did I. Actually, I never really gave it that much thought. And I really did like Pokemon for a while. I admit, with some reservation, that I shed a few tears during the Pokemon 2000 movie. I'm sorry, but I cry in cartoons all the time. I feel really stupid, but this is me, know me, love me.

I want the Patti Smith album Horses. I am writing this as a reminder to myself because I know I won't buy it before I go to Belize next week, and I hate to forget. Hmm. Let me continue with my personal wish list

2) library wall with one of those ladders on wheels

3) book about the history of boxing with lots of purdy pictures of American champs of the 20th century

4) dark room

5) medium format camera, preferably Hasselbald, or however it is spelled.

6) laptop (woop woop)

7) one of those bathtubs with the claw feet

8) one of those giant inflatable balls that they have at the gym to do crunches on. How much fun are those?

9) one of those rowing machines as advertised in the back of my Runners World Magazine. It has all of this computery stuff where you can track your progress online and even compete with other people in mileage. Whoa.

Will I ever get any of this stuff? Doubtful. But i feel happy just talking about it. I was in a bad mood at first because I had to go to the lady doctor today and she probed me in places that aren't too much fun. I'm healthy she says. Even though it sucks, if you are female I encourage you not to put it off and have regular exams. My grandmother died of cervical cancer, having never been to the OBGYN. Please go. Don't be scary. It is not as scary as dying of cancer, I'll tell you that much.

No song to quote today.


Thursday, Jan. 03, 2002 at 5:51 PM

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