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Bomp Bomp all the way to Chatty Womp Womp 2002

You know what really sucks about New Years Eve in Central Standard Time is that you watch the countdown in Times Square on television and it is so fun and exciting and you realize that it is only 11:00 PM in your neck of the woods.

The past four or five days I have been gone, bonding with my girls (Jen Jen, Lu Lu, Amy, MMM) and a boy (Spruce)in Chatty Bomp Bomp (Chattanooga).

We chiggity chilled at the Chatty Nooga Choo Choo hotel. My roomates were happy to inform me that I talked in my sleep every night. We took in fabulous Rock City and dined at many fine restaurants. Some of our favorites were Thai Smile 3 and Panera Bread Company.

One fine day as I sauntered downtown with Amy, we glanced over to one of the store displays and noticed some audioanimatronic action (something like the "Small World" ride at disney world). It was a Mrs. Santa Claus manican bending over to put some golf clubs under the tree. The only part of the manican that moved was her butt, which swayed from side to side and was very well padded. We were amused and horrified by this display. Then Amy managed to spill an entire twenty ounce coke into her new leather purse, allowing her wallet, camera and cell phone to go for a swim. The wallet liked it so much he later went for a swim in the public toilet as well.

I probably have more to say about our time in Chatty Bomp Bomp but it will have to come in a different episode.

You better get this party Started.


Tuesday, Jan. 01, 2002 at 12:20 AM

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