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as the world turns

Its wierd how my friends and I have such drastically different lives. For instance: on saturday, Jenny watched silly movies, Case went through deep emotional turmoil, and Nick and I were sleeping out in the woods with no water and talking to our missionary friends about all the stuff we need to bring to Belize. It is only going to cost $1,425 plus plane tickets and "spending money" for the two of us to live in Belize for 19 weeks. That is not very much. I am about to have to decide what to take. We get 2 70 lb boxes each and 2 carry-ons. But i have to bring my own camping toilet and utensils and stuff like that. Patrick said he and I could split the cooking duties. Yay. Um. This will give me a good idea about what I need to take to China as well. Look at me, world traveler. Oh yeah, i need to go get my Hepatitis A, C, Rabies, and yellow fever shots. I will be so vaccinated, you all will be jealous. Dissease free for life!!

I am doing laundry today. And then i need to write a paper.

There is this super rich man in town who whats a married couple to live with him and take care of him. (he is like 80). I think that would be a kind of cool job. Live with a millionaire for free and all you have to do is keep him entertained and probably wash him sometimes. Then when he died you could write a book about it.

Am I different?

"So, let me ask you this: you say there is no real way to judge freestyle walking as of yet; how are you the world champion?"

---Candice to Bones Jones during a radio interview


Sunday, Nov. 18, 2001 at 12:31 PM

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