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Uncle Chi Chi

Last night I went to see my brother in his highschool talent show. It was really hard to sit through that talent show, even Chip admited that it stank. I felt bad for some of those kids. Especially this one guy who played the saxaphone. I asked Chip if it was supposed to be a joke and he said no, that guy actually thought that the saxaphone would win it. Gah.

Chip played in a band with some of his friends. They called themselves "Uncle Chi Chi and the Rodriguezes". Chip wants my future children to call him "Uncle Chi Chi". The band did really well, they played a Cootie's song and some MxPx instrumental. At the end they took drinks of water and three of them came together and spat the water into the air in a glorious fountain effect. They won second place. Second place was a twenty dollar gift certificate to a bar-b-que place. Split four ways. Hmm...

The Getaway Vehicle couldn't play because they are not all members of the same highschool.

I am glad that I don't have to work today.

In other news: OUR BUTTON MACHINE IS HERE!!! I made some frivolous one inch buttons. Nick made me one with Mr. Peanut on it. It says "Lil Peanut". hehehe!

"So, I know that you say the Classic Reeboks are the only shoe for the freestyle walker, but can you explain to me what your black spandex body suit is for? And why does it say "Defense" accross the butt?"

--CanCan interviewing Freestyle Walking Champion Bones Jones


Friday, November 16, 2001 at 10:20 A.M.

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