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barrel of rabid demonic monkeys

Hey there. How come whenever i hear that song "Wonderland" i want to slit my wrists? Hmm...I'll never know.

Yesterday was not a barrel of monkeys. Well, maybe a barrel of diseased, demonic monkeys. I had my photography shoot, and my models did AWESOME. The shoot went perfect. Then i developed the film. And. Well. It was on the reel too tight and...yes...chemical stains. I only salvaged one image. But he (model) agreed to do it again b/c he wants a portfolio. *sigh*

But i spent the night with allison and we got 10 hours of sleep so i felt much better when i woke up. And on the way to school i heard the song "you can dance! you can dance! everybody look at your pants!" on the radio, which always puts me in a good mood. Class wasn't too bad. I left in the middle to go take a crap, and then Dr. Scott stopped me in the hallway and talked to me for like 20 minutes, so when i got back to class it looked like i had taken a 25 minute crap. I swear, i didn't! C'mon guys!!

Tonite, we play bingo.

"You had a girl, naked on all fours, with a dog collar around her neck and a GLOVE in her face for her to sniff it! You don't think that is sexist?"

"What's wrong with being sexy?"



Tuesday, Nov. 06, 2001 at 3:52 PM

* m a y s t a r *

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