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I like Sundays. Sunday is "fry day" at my parents house, ever since they got a new Fry Daddy® at Wal-Mart. Sunday for lunch we had some french fries, fried cheese stix, and Chip had some chicken fingers while the rest of us had veggie burgers (not fried). Chip won't eat anything related to vegetables. Mmmm. Grease.

Then we watched Best in Show.

When we got home later that night, the DOG OWNER was home. So Nick went upstairs and explained the dog's excessive barkings and how it severely affects our quality of sleep and/or life. She just said "Well, i'm sorry that she barks!" in a real jerk-off kind of way. What a dork. I'm calling the Humane Society. For our sake and for the sake of the dog.

I just got back from lunch with Case and Jenny and Case's girlfriend MK. What lovely Mexican cuisine we enjoyed. You should have seen our waiter's sassy long black poneytail. He had a severe metal mullet but it was suppressed into ponytail form.

I guess that is about it. I feel lethargic today, probably because of my sleeping issues. Oh well. Tonite I will spend the night with Allison. She doesn't have a neighbor with a dog.

so, baisically, you know, MEAT!


Monday, Nov. 05, 2001 at 1:02 PM

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