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misty watered memories

I was inspired by another diary i read. I want to have a couple of entrys of memories.

I remember watching My Three Sons on tv and thinking that I wanted an older brother named Chip.

I remember when my brother was born and I threw a fit until they agreed to name him Chip. I was 3.5 years old.

I remember watching the A*Team with my dad at our house in Texas.

I remember being confused when dad shaved his mustache and said his mustache went down the drain.

I remember being afraid i would go down the drain.

I remember mom didn't want us to watch "You Can't Do That on Television"

I remember watching it.

I remember wishing I was a boy.

I remember when my boy friends in 2nd grade told me it was my turn to show them my weinie, and explaining that I couldn't.

I remember spending the night with a bunch of them and watching THE BLOB when we were about 7.

I remember being protective of my brother.

I remember when mom and dad were gone, he would crawl in bed with me when he was scared.

I remember beating the crap out of each other.

I remember being hog tied and locked in a room.

I remember getting in trouble for accepting pieces of salami from my friend Tommy Babakitis' mom and eating them.

I remember how Tommy Babakitis was lebanese, but people believed us when we said we were brother and sister who lived next door to each other.

thats enough for tonite


Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2001 at 10:04 PM

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