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Living on a Prayer-- Lasting Value style

Yesterday Allison and myself went to go see Lasting Value at the Nick, the oldest bar in the magic city. It was a monday night and everything, so only like 15 people were there in total. But we had a good time playing "PhotoHunt", this video game where you look at two of the same picture and then figure out what 5 subtle things are different. Only the pictures were of naked guys (it was a bar, what do you expect?). Lasting Value rocked my face of with their cover of my all time favorite Bon Jovi song "LIVING ON A PRAYER"!. I was doing my patented six-shooter dance and singing along like there was no tommorrow.

I spent the night at Allison's house and after class Jenny helped me finish my non-linear editing project. Then i got a call from Nick, and he said he had called in sick to work today! I ran straight home and we went out for lunch at Surin West (a guy was checking me out the whole time! nick noticed it too! i still got i, baby!) and then went shopping around Southside. I got some Tom's of Maine bath soap from the hippy grocery store. Its liquid glycerin soap in the "Refreshmint" scent.When you use it, it tingles. Kind of like you are putting Carmex on your whole body! Woohoo!

I have all of the componets ready for my Cyndi Lauper costume, except for shoes. I am ready for action!

Time to go watch the Simpsons. I'm a loser, huh? At least i am comforatable in my own skin.

stop, drop and roll.


Tuesday, Oct. 30, 2001 at 4:47 PM

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