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sunday, busy sunday...and monday too

Sunday...i didn't go to church. I had to go to this Audio Engineering class thing at 1pm so Nick talked me in to just relaxing instead of hurrying to church and back.

We DID go to the grand opening of the new BEST BUY! THe first 500 people got a goody bag. The store opened at 11am, so we got there at like 10:40 and there was a super long line of people all waiting for this goody bag. It turned out to be a plush 'Best Buy' tag man, a pen, and a CD with an eclectic mix of songs like "Everybody Dance Now"(C&C Music Factory) and "Good Vibrations" (beach boys). Cool. It was free!

The Audio thing wasn't that bad, we recorded a Choral Concert. While it was in progress, Casey and Jenny and I amused ourselves playing M.A.S.H. Remember that from like 3rd grade? Turns out I am REALLY supposed to marry this huge guy named Joe and move to Puerto Rico. Crap! My life is on the wrong track!

We found Pie. Casey knew where he was all along. Pie told on you, Casey, so don't deny it. I had a nightmare last night that involved Me and Pie looking for my M.I.A. dad, me crying, and Pie eating a sponge that turned out to be some really good brown and yellow cake.

I woke up, came to school and probably failed a "history of photography" test.

I gave Bailey his 20th birthday present (toilet paper w/ kiss prints on it and a crazy puzzle thing). He was pleased.

Today when I got out of Audio class there was this guy who i had talked to like last Wednesday. He looked like he was waiting on me and tried to ask me questions like "How was your weekend" to get me to stop walking, but i had to go take care of some graduation stuff because the deadline is today. I felt bad afterwards, but also kind of scared. I should have invited him to come to The Nick tonight. He might've liked it. Boys are mysterious. But tonight I go to the biker bar and dance dance dance my troubles away. Or something.

So. Only 4.5 more hours to go at work! Woo!

i love the colourful clothes you wear...and the way the sunlight plays upon your hair!


Monday, Oct. 29, 2001 at 12:20 PM

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