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I know i already wrote in here once today but i am still at work and still bored and i am having a strange experience.

Some lady at work was mean to me so i clicked on AIM to see if Jenny was on to complain to her and i IM'd Jenny and it was a MAN named KE KE! He works for computer services and is checking the computer where Jenny works in housing. I'm scared, he is trying to get me to come down and meet him!

ziggyuofm: my misunderstanding darling. Were you just chatting with some other fella, if so he just dipped. So now you can chat with me

CandiceDKB: huh? who are you

CandiceDKB: please 'splain


ziggyuofm: ke-ke. I work in the computer services department here at the university of Montevallo, and I had to check out this computer and when he left you sent a message.

CandiceDKB: it was a girl

CandiceDKB: but uh. hey.

CandiceDKB: wierd

ziggyuofm: you joking. I promise it was a fella here, but if you say it was a girl, no problem.

CandiceDKB: hey maybe that was his thing

CandiceDKB: who knows

ziggyuofm: better than that-who cares!

CandiceDKB: this is one of my friends' names

CandiceDKB: sorry if it took me a minute to catch on

ziggyuofm: this ziggyuofm is a girl?

CandiceDKB: yeah

ziggyuofm: I'm not trying to be funny but maybe ole boy wants you to think he's a girl.

CandiceDKB: no this is one of my friends names, like we hang out in real life and stuff and i am 100 percent sure she is a girl

CandiceDKB: the guy who was at the computer might not have been using this name just now

ziggyuofm: My mistake.

CandiceDKB: so'k

ziggyuofm: So where are you from?

CandiceDKB: what computer lab are you in

CandiceDKB: i'm from bham

ziggyuofm: I'm in the Main building, housing and residence life.

CandiceDKB: oh thats where she works

ziggyuofm: whats her name?

CandiceDKB: i guess she had her password stored huh

CandiceDKB: is she gonna be in trouble?

ziggyuofm: in trouble for what, Baby I really don't give a shit about this computer stuff. Im just trying to wait until 5 so I can go home

CandiceDKB: heh me too

ziggyuofm: Where are you right now?

CandiceDKB: so what are you exactly 'checking' right now

CandiceDKB: i'm on campus too

ziggyuofm: The version of Mcafee/Virex, the RAM, the ROM and other little stuff.

ziggyuofm: Why don't you make your way down to the Main Building.

CandiceDKB: so you can do all that and this at the same time and look professional

CandiceDKB: no that would be weird

ziggyuofm: I look professional regardless.

CandiceDKB: haha

ziggyuofm: i see you have a sense of humor!

CandiceDKB: why, b/c i laughed?

ziggyuofm: yep!

CandiceDKB: i guess

JENNY! Where are you! I'm scared!!!!


Monday, Oct. 29, 2001 at 3:50 PM

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