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Ahhh...everyone's favorite day...the end of daylight savings time!!! How i love it so. Saving time is such a joke, we just use it up a few months later. Geesh.

Today i rose before the sun and went to work at the coffee shop. I am going to go on a leave of absense from the coffee shop from November 22 until i graduate in December. There is this new deal where we have to take a certification class to continue to work there after November 22, and I don't have time to do it until after graduation. But TODAY was special because it was the morning of the Disney on Ice parade through downtown. I was so happy to serve thousands of hot cocoa's to parade watchers and their children, who were dressed as Disney characters.

After work me and Nick had lunch and then went to Mo-town to work in the darkroom. I called Jen Jen and she joined me. We had female bonding time while i created works of photographic art. Or something.

After that Nick and I went to a HOE DOWN!! I was scared when we first got there...we drove up to the disturbing scene of a bunch of adults skipping around in a circle. I told nick to turn around and leave right then...but he said we had to make an appearance. It wasn't so bad. Just really cold. This one lady brought her pet ferrett on a leash. It was kind of weird, but kind of cute.

You want to know some random cool things? 1) i am going to be Cindi Lauper for halloween 2)Garrett is going to spend the night with us one day next week, just like a roomate reunion! i love that kid 3)Monday night i am going to go see Josh Wilson's band Lasting Value play at the NICK (a biker bar). He is one of the nicest people i know. 4)Adam is missing. He hasn't been seen by any of the makeout club since Wednesday night. 5) Casey let me borrow his DVD of Best in Show. It is a super cool movie. 6) Me and Jenny really did have female bonding on a number of issues. Heh heh. 7) I won those poison bottles on ebay! Rawk!!

i could die in your arms tonight! (it must have been something you said).


Saturday, Oct. 27, 2001 at 9:41 PM

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