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one fest two fest

i went to one fest. I think i was the only one who did. They were expecting a cast of thousands, but i don't know if they even got ONE thousand. I really enjoyed hearing the speakers though, Clive Calver, Ann Phillips, and George Verwer were the people Nick and I went to see. I was especially blessed by Ann Phillips. She was in a lesbian relationship for twenty three years, and she broke it off shortly after she became a Christian because she felt really convicted, even though her other homosexual christian friends were telling her that it was okay. Now she works for this organization called Love In Action. They help Christians in the homosexual lifestyle, and they also offer counsel to family members of homosexuals. For some reason Nick and I were the only people at her lecture so she pretty much talked to us one on one. Which was awesome.

One Fest had its flaws but i hope that the people who put it on weren't too discouraged. I would suggest that they fire the security guard who made me cry upon my initial arrival.

In other news, Chip's band is back from their mini tour, and they brought home with them some more screen printing business. They played in Atlanta in this place called The Strand with Relient K and Stairwell. Relient K saw the patches that Nick and I made for the getaway vehicle and called us this evening to find out if we could do some patches for them also. I am very excited. But i'm not going to tell anyone except for you guys. Just in case it doesn't pan out.

Does anyone have a couch that they would like to trade to me for a small television and some unopened playdough? We don't have a couch. We have camping chairs. But its still cool.

I like twothirtyeight. I wanted Chris to see the video i made for the getaway vehicle. I told chip to bring them one when he goes to cornerstone. His reply was "We lost them all. I think we left the whole box in Nashville." Grrr!

have a banana


2001-06-17 at 9:32 p.m.

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