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brad is moving out several items of large furniture...and for every one he moves i am going right behind him scrubbing away the balls of dust left behind. It is going to feel good to have a clean house. I don't know if i have ever had a clean house. Tee-hee! *blush*.

Last night I went to see the getaway vehicle (my bro bro's band) and bring them their freshly printed t-shirts. I had a good time at that show. Twothirtyeight was there...i always like seeing Chris Staples. He is so nice and he always remembers me and conversates for a few minutes. Once upon a time i had a zine and he really liked it and even gave me a poem entitled "Linen Boy" to put in the next issue. But uh...there never was a next issue because i was $178 dollars in the hole from the previous issue. Maybe i'll find "Linen Boy" and post it on here some time. He said i inspired him to make a zine. I only saw one issue of it...i wonder if it suffered a similar fate as mine...my "Candle"...

I worked the door for a while. I didn't really like it. Because i don't want to be the one to bust some kid for not paying. On a side note: people who are all about 'supporting the scene' but loiter outside of shows instead of going inside and paying are not actually 'supporting the scene'. I felt bad for Garrett, he was the one putting on the show and he was having to force people to pay. When i left he was about nine heads short of breaking even. I hope he made bank.

Next week I am going to OneFest in Memphis. I hope its not too hot.

I just heard brad hit his head really hard against the door (on accident). His dad is laughing at him. Alot.

Jesus Christ is no longer dead


2001-06-09 at 2:49 p.m.

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