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i would hurt a flea

I noticed something about stained glass...we don't actualy STAIN any glass. We just cut up glass that is already colored and cutting up pieces of metal to hold it into a pattern. Then grind, solder, and enjoy. Its not as easy as i just made it sound.

I was a good wife today. I washed dishes, actually cooked dinner (from scratch: corn chowder and banana rice pudding) and washed dishes again. I even brought some of my glass home from the studio and cut it to size for about 45 minutes. Because my giant 24x24 window has to be finished by next tuesday or wednesday.

How is this for fun times: Biscuit and the new kitten are both infested with fleas. Woohoo! Biscuit, if you remember from a previous episode...is alergic to flea poison. So...I have to pick the fleas off her one at a time, sort of like the ritual that monkeys do. Except she can't return the favor because she doesn't have fingers, and I use a flea comb. Which is strikingly similar to the lice comb that comes with a pack of R.I.D. So i comb her with this flea comb, then if any fleas are caught in the comb, i have to smush them with my thumb and wash them down the sink. I think a couple of times i smushed some flea eggs or something because white junk squished out. Which was sort of gross but oddly satisfying at the same time.

Right now nick is about to expose some screens to print some band shirts for my bro bro. Speaking of my bro bro, he has become a very religious user of self tanner. At first it looked like a real tan, but now it is getting more and more orange the more he applies it. I used it one time and got good results.

Well. I am being pressured to turn off the computer. Screen exposure requires total darkness. Farewell.

you have got to have an ACE in the hole


2001-05-10 at 9:27 p.m.

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